Meet Cobotics: A World Where Humans and Robots Collaborate Together

Cobi ensures the correct deployment of autonomous cleaning Cobots.

Meet Cobi 18

Cobi 18 is designed to collaborate with and empower cleaning professionals to get the job done more efficiently.

Adding cobots to a team can enhance cleaning productivity and efficiency, create healthy and welcoming environments, and ultimately deliver a better customer experience, resulting in a thriving business.

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    Cobots Help You Do Your Work More Efficiently and Easier

    Thanks to advanced artificial intelligence and a user-friendly interface, Cobi enables professionals to clean efficiently and easily. Once the Cobi has learned one or more routes via “Custom Route” or via the “Auto-Fill Mode”, staff can easily use the Cobi consistently throughout the day at the touch of a button, increasing cleaning productivity.

    Cobi is extremely easy to use. Anyone can get started with Cobi in two easy steps

    Safety is Our Top Priority

    We designed Cobi 18 for maximum safety. The operating system uses hybrid VSLAM technology that leverages the best features of LIDAR, SLAM and VSLAM plus other sensors to instantly create pixel cloud maps.

    These maps show more accurate environments and different types of objects, which are used to determine the best possible navigation route. This allows Cobi to navigate around large obstacles (such as escalators), reflective surfaces (such as mirrors and glass) and bright lighting conditions.

    Your Data is Safe

    Data security is top priority. We designed the Cobi 18 and the cloud architecture with security in mind. When working, the Cobi 18 collects sensor data and calculates cleaning performance data.

    The cloud data for navigation processing cannot identify natural person or environment details. In accordance with the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR), all data is securely transferred to our cloud storage in Europe (Microsoft Azure Services).

    Compact design

    The compact design of the Cobi 18 makes it ideal for scrubbing floors in areas such as shops, convenience stores, supermarkets and many other small areas in large facilities. Teach Cobi 18 a route once and then deploy it each time with the push of a button.

    Safety & Security

    Cobi integrates data from a combination of different sensors to create point cloud maps that represent the environment like a heat map. These sensors detect objects in the cobot’s path but do not register images or signage.

    Mapping & Navigation

    Cobi is easy to use. Map a route once and repeat that route with the touch of button thanks to Cobi’s simple user interface. Cobi autonomously navigates through real-world environments and due to its advanced AI it can even navigate around mirrors and next to windows with bright sunlight.